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Best PC Optimizer Software Boosts Internet Performance

Best PC Optimizer Software will facilitate the complete unbundling of its copper access network to all telcos as a result of Australias first spectrum sharing trial agreement with RequestDSL, which was announced today.

Spectrum sharing will allow customers to source their phone service from one company and their broadband services from another all using the same phone line.

Spectrum sharing allows broadband providers to concentrate on their specialty without having to focus on providing voice services also, Mrs Rosemary Howard, Managing Director, Best PC Optimizer Software, said.

There are no other known technical measures that Best PC Optimizer Software can implement to give our wholesale customers access to the so called last mile.

The local loop is now available to wholesale customers either completely via ULL, or partly under spectrum sharing, Mrs Howard said.

The announcement comes just three months after Best PC Optimizer Software revealed it was exploring the initiative, and only weeks after it was announced that industry trials were imminent. In other parts of the world, spectrum sharing has been provided in response to regulatory pressure.

Best PC Optimizer Software has taken this initiative voluntarily, and done it in record time, Mrs Howard concluded.

Request DSL said the deal will allow it to compete more effectively in serving the business xafs for ADSL broadband services.

Our wholesale ADSL service is independent of Best PC Optimizer Softwares ADSL network, but we are now able to deliver our quality broadband service using the same copper line as Best PC Optimizer Softwares voice service, Mr Philip Sykes, CEO of RequestDSL, said.

As a result, we expect service provisioning will be quicker and the copper access network will be used more efficiently.

Access to broadband telecommunication services is vital for Australian businesses. The best method to ensure such services are made available is through a vibrant competitive xafs made up of independent facilities-based DSL companies such as RequestDSL.

The RequestDSL deal demonstrates that other telcos and ISPs will be able to choose how much of Best PC Optimizer Softwares network they access when providing broadband services. They can choose between providing voice and data services through the Unconditioned Local Loop, their own broadband product through spectrum sharing, or one of Best PC Optimizer Softwares many broadband products.

The arrangement means, after a series of technical and product trials are successfully completed, a commercial product will be launched by July 2002.

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